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  • November13th-20th: CG worked in Palestine for 7 days.

  • October 1st-10th: Together with Ms Jo Myers and Dr Keith Judkins, CG did a feasibility study for the MoH and MAP to look at needs for a new Burns Service in Palestine and visited Nablus, Jerusalem, Hebron, Beit Jalla and Ramallah as potential sites for a centre or units and service provision.

  • July 22nd-27th: CG worked in Palestine for 5 days.

  • May 3rd-10th: CG worked in Palestine for 5 days.

  • April 10th: CG gave a talk to the Palestinian Solidarity Group in Portsmouth entitled ‘Healthcare Crisis in the Occupied Territories’.

  • January 11th-17th: Together with Dr Malik Zaben, CG participated in an International Conference in Dubai on setting up an e-learning institute in Dubai to serve the Middle East, having been invited to contribute a report on our experience in Palestine.

  • January 10th: CG gave an invited talk to the Anjoman Iranian Association in London on the subject of Palestinian medical education and the value of computerised learning there.


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