IMET2000 Annual Gala Event on Zoom

Friday 5th February 2021 at 19:00

We are sad that we cannot get together at our usual Annual Dinner at the House of Lords in February but we very much hope you will be able to join us virtually on zoom on Friday 5th February 2021 at 1900 to 2040 for our Annual Gala Event.  As many of you will know our Annual Dinner at the House of Lords is our most important fundraiser of the year we always try to make it really interesting and entertaining. Because of the pandemic, we are having to find other ways of meeting our many financial commitments globally and we are determined to give everyone an event full of fabulous entertainment to lift everyone’s spirits after such a difficult 2020.  Already recruited are top comedians (including Mark Thomas and friends) and wonderful musicians (most from the Middle East playing Arabic music including rising star Nai Barghouti). You will also hear from child victims of war in Syria and Gaza and senior Ministers of Health and frontline workers talking directly from Gaza and the West Bank about their urgent needs and calls for help.                                                    

Crucially, during the evening, we will be raising funds for 4 main projects: (a) more CPAP respirators, new oxygen generators and training in critical care of COVID-19 infected patients for nurses, doctors and allied professionals particularly in Gaza, the West Bank, Syria and Uganda; (b) essential equipment for our IMET2000 Trauma Centre in Ramallah and the Advanced Trauma and Life Support (ATLS) courses we run out of there; (c) a comprehensive programme of treatment for child mental health including art and music therapy which is used in the Middle East, Tibet refugee camps in India, Uganda and Ghana; and (d) a new programme in oncology and palliative care for patients with fatal cancer in Palestine and a mobile clinic for bowel cancer in Tibet refugee camps. We will also be seeking sponsors for the many scholars we support each year, some costing £15,000 some as little as £500.

Our many achievements in 2020 are all reported on our websites ( and

We are so proud of our dedicated and courageous medical team of four in our El Bireh-Ramallah Trauma Centre and HQ lead by our CEO, Dr Malik Zaben and are hugely grateful to all our supporters and partners such as MAP, Firefly International, Action for Child Trauma International, Shivia in West Bengal and Action Through Enterprise (ATE) in Ghana who have helped make this possible.  We are totally committed to increasing those achievements in 2021 and any help you can give us at our event on February 5th will help make this possible. 80% of the proceeds will go to CV19-related projects inside Gaza, the West Bank, Syria, Jordan and possibly Yemen with smaller amounts for the emergency reserve fund which can be used in the other projects overseas of obvious benefit to those suffering most from the pandemic. In fact, the COVID-19 catastrophe is likely to dominate our plans in 2021 as it impacts on all our main projects listed above whether in physical or mental trauma. In addition to those, we are now exploring ways of overcoming the grave shortage of oxygen and with wonderful engineering colleagues in University College London, we are seeking financial support to design and produce a brand new oxygen generator which will run off solar power and be cheap enough for low- resource countries. This could be IMET2000’s most important future project over the long-term.

We would be grateful if you could support our event and spread the word about it to friends, family and colleagues. We very much hope to attract many new supporters joining us for the event including those who cannot usually join us live in London.   

Further information about the event including joining instructions will be sent only to those who confirm their attendance by e-mail to  There is no ticket for sale but we request a donation of £30 to register. To make your donation please use this link to our dedicated JustGiving Event page:

Please ensure you do not donate anonymously, as we need your name and e-mail address to send the Zoom link to you. And on the Just Giving page please ignore the tip request (15%) and either give nothing or maximum of 5%! We will send out the Zoom link for the evening the day before the event.

We very much hope to see you on February 5th for an entertaining and inspirational evening. Your support would be so much appreciated and allow us to expand our portfolio of projects to meet ever-increasing demands. Corporate sponsorship is always welcome and publicity opportunities will be discussed with the donor

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