IMET2000 Support for Firefly in Syria Continues Despite COVID-19

 In spite of a massive surge in COVID-19 cases in southern Turkey and the Syrian border in Idlib, Firefly in Syria continues its great work with child victims of war. In Syria, in Khirbit Aljouz refugee camp, our Programme Manager Fadia Shaker reports that they are still teaching 120 pupils in primary school and 139 students in their secondary school for girls. In Turkey in Antakya and in Kayseri, the CV19 lockdown has meant that they have had to convert their teaching to on-line classes but hope to return to hands on learning as reported in their November Newsletter ( Click here). 

IMET2000 is now committed to supporting the salary of Fadia for 12 months as we are so delighted with their courageous work.

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