Another Successful Cataract Day in Herona Hospital

On Sunday, April 30, ophthalmic surgeon Dr Susan Kakira and her team from Jinja Hospital spent the day operating for cataracts on another 20 patients out of the IMET2000 -Uganda  waiting list of 450 we want to treat in 2022. All were successful. We are pleased that out of 60 already done in 2021 and 2022, none have failed so far. Dr Susan was so pleased with the newly installed piped oxygen, improved anaesthesia and excellent theatre nurses that she has asked Herona Hospital to ensure she does as many cataracts this year as can be fitted in. IMET2000 is so grateful that this has been made possible by a wonderful grant from The Ulverscroft Foundation. The charming words of the Director of Herona Hospital, Dr Henry Garvin Mukalazi  below tells us all :

Dear Prof, 

On behalf  of our patients  and staff, I take this opportunity  to thank International Medical Education Trust ( IMET2000) for their financial support which has enabled us to complete 20 cataract surgeries on patients  from the community at no cost to the patient. Trust me there is no hospital  in Uganda that has such opportunity to its people. Thanks and thanks again for restoring vision  in our people.

Henry Garvin

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