IMET2000 provided the Gaza Strip with the second batch of Respirators (UCL Ventura CPAP)

On Monday 15/3/2021, IMET2000 in collaboration with MAP donated a number of respirators (UCL Ventura CPAP) and their accessories to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip.  The devices were delivered in the presence of the representatives of the Ministry of Health in Gaza. This donation was perceived as a great help to the people in Gaza. It aims to enable Gazans to cope with the Coronavirus pandemic especially as they go three this third peak.

IMET2000 continues to work to provide hospitals and medical staff in the West Bank and Gaza Strip with supplies, staff training and needed equipment.  Dr Malik  Zaben (IMET2000 CEO), indicated that the implementation of this project was supported by the successful annual fundraising event that was held last month. He also thanked the Ministry of Health for their collaboration for the benefit of the Palestinian community.

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