Firefly in Syria December Report and the Earthquake Tragedy

This encouraging report from our partners in the Syrian refugee camps either side of the border with Turkey arrived a few days before the tragic earthquake claimed so many lives in Antakya where the ‘Firefly in Syria’ children’s education programme was based and of course other cities in Turkey nearer the earthquake epicentre. Of immediate concern to all of us was that our wonderful Director Mrs Fadia Shaker and her own children and family might have perished in the collapsing buildings. To our great relief, Fadia and her family got out in time and, in spite of poor communication, was able to let us know she had survived. Our next concern was and still is the safety of the hundreds of children in the programme’s care as well as the excellent staff who run that programme. It is too early to know the outcome but we hope that at least those in our Syrian villages and refugee camps will be safe as they live in low-rise houses or tents. Sadly, we think that one of our staff is missing.

The whole Firefly programme , classrooms and equipment now have to be started all over again and IMET2000 must partner Firefly International in their efforts. Without interfering with their own emergency fundraising campaign, we are duty bound to raise additional funds from IMET2000 supporters.

Firefly for Syrians- December 2022 Report


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