IMET2000 Sponsors our First Veterinary Student in An Najah University, Nablus

 We are pleased to sponsor our very first student for a 5-year degree course in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine An-Najah University, Nablus. She is 18-year-old Shaima Bisharat, one of nine daughters of a Bedouin sheep farmer in the Jordan Valley. He has a low income but is determined that all his daughters will go to university. After interview and signing a legal contract, we were impressed by Shaima and are sure she will do well in her studies. In her own words (in Arabic alongside her photo and translated into English for us), she tells us a little about her life and ambitions.

“ I graduated from high school from the scientific stream with an average of 87.6 in the Tawjihi exams.
My desire increased to join the study of veterinary medicine every time I saw a sheep doctor how he treats and feeds livestock, and I would also like to help my family and everyone who practices this profession, and I see how much this specialty carries a lot of humanity.

My family divides its life between raising sheep in Halat Makhol, in the north of the Jordan Valley, and a house in Kfar Tamon, where we attend school, elementary and high school.

We are a family of 9 sisters and a brother. We help our shepherd father a lot with the various farm’s work. Mainly on weekends and holidays.
I am very happy to start the veterinary studies at the university.”

All of us in IMET2000 are excited to be helping this remarkable family and hope that after graduation Shaima will join our IMET2000 healthcare projects to ensure food security in Palestine as an important branch of the Health Sector. We wish her every success.


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