Dr Alalami from Gaza starts his psychiatry training fellowship

Dr Majid Alalami from Gaza has just started his training in psychiatry. He is going to be our third fellow in this field from Gaza. 

Here are a few words from him:

“Good things come to those who wait”

“IMET2000 made the dream of a Gazan physician and Palestinian refugee, come true. I was granted a generous scholarship to study Psychiatry at JUST University and King Abdullah University Hospital, in October 2019.
My exhausting 12-month-journey, struggling to cross 3 international borders to reach Irbid, Jordan would only have been possible because of the limitless emotional and financial support of  IMET2000, especially, the CEO Dr Malik Zaben and the founder, director of overseas development & treasurer, Prof. Colin Green, and the whole wonderful team in the United Kingdom and Palestine.”


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