Mark Thomas's successful fundraiser comes to a close

IMET2000 Patron, Mark Thomas, put on another live streamed show for us on August 11th, 2020.The original live show ‘Walking the Wall’ was performed in many UK theatres and filmed in 2011 and was followed by a best-selling book. As usual there was a live introduction from Mark (with BSL interpreter), a stream of the filmed show (with captioned option), followed by a live interview with Colin Green (Found here: around the theme ‘Child Victims of War and Pandemics’, in turn followed by a Q&A (with BSL interpreter).  A recording of the whole evening will be available until Tuesday 18th of August on the following link:

All three NGO beneficiaries ( Firefly International, ICAHD-UK and IMET2000) will share equally any proceeds from the show (20%of each ticket sold and any kind donations to this cause).


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