IMET2000 supports children with special needs from the Early Intervention Charitable Society

IMET2000 supports the Early Intervention Charitable Society (EICS) in Beit Awar, Ramallah, to help them with their mission in looking after kids with learning disabilities and mental disorders. EICS is a charity that provides rehabilitation services for children with disabilities from 18 different villages in Ramallah district; mostly coming from poor families who are unable to pay for the treatment of their kids.  Their services include early detection of disabilities, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, all of which are essential for the integration of this disadvantaged group of children into society. Our CEO, Dr Malik Zaben, stated that IMET2000 is very keen to support the efforts of EICS to deliver its current objectives and become a sustainable service. We are hopeful to work with EICS and other similar charities such as Jasmine and Sanad to provide access to as many kids with physical and mental disability as we can regardless of their financial status.

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