Twenty Jenin Medical Students on 14-day Course in Dundee

 We are delighted that 15-20 medical students of the Arab-American University of Palestine (AAUP) School of Medicine in Jenin are being hosted by Dr  David Russell in Dundee in an internationally famous summer school to be trained in clinical skills, surgical skills, clinical research, anatomy and health informatics. This is a very intensive course with not a minute wasted. Dr. Russell speaks highly of the students after teaching them for a couple of days. The Dean of the School in Jenin, the IMET2000 CEO Dr Malik Zaben, has worked hard with Dundee colleagues to make this happen but was determined not only to prepare them for their upcoming clinical years but to give them a much-needed break from recent savage Israeli attack on Jenin specifically targeting those in the Health Sector. This working visit was made possible financially by the generosity of Dr Russell and colleagues, the AAUP President and the IMET2000 Ramadan Appeal where loyal friends supported this project most generously. Thanks to all.


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