IMET2000 Supports Two Urgent Projects for Wartime Ukraine

March 12, 2022

In the past week, IMET2000 has responded rapidly to two urgent requests from our Ukrainian medical and scientific research colleagues. First of all, we were asked if we could facilitate getting 5 portable pre-term infant incubators donated by the company mOm –Incubators ltd into the Maternity Hospital in Lviv in the west of Ukraine and an overwhelmed staging post for refugees wanting to get into Poland for safety. Many extremely stressed pregnant women are fleeing from besieged cities like Kharkiv in the east and there are simply not enough incubators in Lviv to cope with the huge surge in numbers. Together with the company producing these incubators and the Ukraine Medical Association in the UK, transport right into Lviv has been organised for the coming week and IMET2000 will if asked cover the cost of transport.

The second project is even more challenging in this war zone. Barry and Colin have worked in Kharkov in the Institute for Problems of Cryobiology and Cryo-medicine (IPCC) for near 40 years since their first visit in 1983. They have joined in actively with the promising young scientists doing good research with moderate resources. The Russian forces have laid siege to Kharkov over the last two weeks and much of a lovely city has been reduced to rubble. Many of our friends and colleagues are now internally displaced or refugees overseas. All research has stopped and the large building faces not only targeted bombing but looting from marauders. Just 4 days ago the Director of the Institute Professor Alex Petrenko called us from Prague to ask if IMET2000 could possibly cover the costs of a skeleton staff of 5  to protect the premises in particular a tissue bank storage facility of preserved reproductive material from near extinct fauna and flora which may prove gold dust in the future globally. We have therefore agreed a sum of $6000 US dollars to cover these staff costs for the next 6 weeks when the situation will be re-assessed. The first tranche was transferred yesterday on Friday, March 11th.Barry and Colin have been rewarded for their involvement by being made Academicians in the prestigious National Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine and are Chairs of the UNESCO Chair of Cryobiology in Kharkov so they feel we have a particular responsibility to protect if possible this precious resource. The photos below were taken about two years ago in happier times.

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