More Good News From Gaza Child Mental Health Centre

 Our Child Mental Health Centre in Gaza is increasingly recognised for the highly professional standards and successes in treating children with severe Repetitive Traumatic Stress Disorder. In Gaza, the children are subjected to daily interruption of their schooling and life because of military assaults and loss of family and relatives. The usual term PTSD is simply not descriptive of their mental health problems. The team led by Mohammed El Sharif in the Centre are achieving excellent results at very low cost. In the link below, two children who have been successfully treated by our team wanted to say a few words about their experience.
The team in Gaza can be proud of their great work with children and the high professional quality of the psychologists and psychiatrist. The word is spreading and new numbers have come to the Centre because they have heard about the programme, about the outcomes of the sessions and the improvement in so many children.

Please click on the link to see the video.

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