Urgent Medical Supplies to Kharkov in Ukraine

 In response to requests direct from our long-term partners in Kharkov and others in the Ukraine, IMET is supporting several projects as a matter of great urgency. Only this week, 4  CPAP respirators have been driven to the Institute of Surgery in Kharkov along with other medical supplies. As part of our emergency infant incubators project, we have funded essential spares for over 33 brand new incubators due in the Ukraine in the next couple of weeks and assisted in their manufacture and transport. In addition, IMET has funded a survival package (skeleton staff and essential materiel) for the Cell and Tissue bank in the Institute of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine in Kharkov thus saving precious clinical and research material ( the latter of great importance for saving endangered species animal and plant). Finally (for the moment), we have funded a whole on-line teaching package for the Kharkov University School of Medicine now that constant bombardment from land and air has rendered face-to-face teaching impossibly dangerous. We are still raising funds to support all these efforts and have dug deeply into our reserves to deal with this catastrophic emergency as quickly as possible.
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