IMET2000 to Support Firefly International-Syria with Refugee Children

 July 23, 2020

 As a proud Patron of Firefly International, Colin Green has enjoyed partnering IMET2000 with a charity which helps children in dangerous war zones. Three years back, we supported Project Hope and the Nablus Cultural Festival which brought in volunteer teachers from all over the world to work alongside children with special needs in Nablus schools and refugee camps. That project was so successful that Firefly was able to withdraw financial support as it was self-sufficient. IMET2000 is currently working as a partner with Firefly International and Action for Child Trauma International (ACT) in Gaza in a child mental health project aimed at children with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) called child accelerated trauma treatment CATT. Now having reviewed the work of a project based in Antakya in Turkey working with child refugees from Syria and met impressive key workers Fadia and Maria over Zoom meetings, we have agreed to informally partner Firefly International-Syria  to explore ways of helping and learning from each other. IMET2000 is already heavily involved with Palestinian-Syrian refugees fleeing into the north of Jordan financing over 6 years three young Palestinian psychiatrists in Irbid. We feel that children fleeing into Turkey from north Syria also demand our attention and support. Please click on the link below to get an idea of the humanitarian activities this project is running  over the past four years. And marvel at such joyful innocence and family atmosphere.

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