Herona Hospital to Host Medical Students from Wisconsin, USA

Just five days ago, Dr Mukalazi, Director of Herona Hospital in Uganda hosted visitors and medical students from the University of Wisconsin, Madison USA. These wanted to see possibilities of Herona Hospital being one of their internship sites in Africa. They inspected the hospital and the cottages where they could sleep in case they start . They were very happy with everything.  They promised  they will be coming in groups of 10 ,   3 times in a year.They loved the hospital cottages and  they are planning to spend 1 month each group and each visit with us.
They promised to send letters of confirmation and memorandum of undertaking (MOU). Photos of their visit below.
This is very good news indeed.  After Herona Hospital attracted medical students from the four Schools of Medicine in Kampala for their clinical attachments, thus elevating Herona Hospital to de facto University Hospital status, we dreamt of Herona Hospital becoming a role model for a not-for-profit hospital, not just in Uganda and Africa but internationally too. Wisconsin is highly regarded in the USA on a par with Harvard, Stanford and Boston. If they do 4 weeks at a time, these students will get plenty of experience visiting rural villages in the Land Cruiser Ambulance as well as many cataracts in the Eye Clinic and trauma surgery in the Hospital. IMET2000 looks forward to funding some of the costs of these important visits.


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