Recent News from Herona Hospital in Uganda

IMET2000 is pleased to report significant  progress in the establishment of Herona Hospital in Uganda. First of all, the 40 foot container sent out last year with beds and equipment purchased by Kathy Green and donated to the Hospital, has been moved onto firm foundations, roofed and converted into administrative offices and patient note archive storage at very low cost.

This has released precious space in the main hospital building now converted to laboratory and patient care facilities. Second, thanks to a generous grant from the Paul Foundation, a basic Intensive Care Unit (ICU) has been decorated and equipped with patient monitors, pulse oximeters, CPAP respirators, quality beds and piped oxygen. Finally, Senior Nurse Lekulu Hasifa, a long serving staff member in Herona Hospital has started her Julie Felix Memorial Scholarship in Maternal Health with a strong course in midwifery the main objective of a BSc in Victoria Hospital. We wish her the very best in her academic journey and thank all the kind UK donors to IMET2000 who helped fund this scholarship.


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