IMET2000 Trustee, Mrs Perihan Bassatne, to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

October 1st to 6th 2023

We are pleased to inform all our IMET2000 supporters that one of our Trustees, Mrs Perihan Bassatne, is training hard for her epic climb of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in October, 2023. This mountain is the tallest in Africa (19,340 feet) and the summit comprises three snow capped volcanos. Peri is prepared for several days of hard and steep trekking from the plain camp to the summit and then anticipates very cold temperatures. This will be the last IMET2000 fundraising event in 2023 and proceeds will be devoted to three projects supporting education and mental health in children. The first is to support the activities of the Child Education Centre in Antakya, Turkey, which has been heavily affected by the recent earthquake and is serving hundreds of Syrian refugee children, suffering from the impact of war and witnessing the terrible human tragedy of the earthquake, many with special needs. The second is to rebuild the Tafawk Child Centre in the Jenin Refugee Camp completely trashed in the recent Israeli assault and for the second time this year. This was an educational and play centre for some 120 children aged between 4 and 9 years old. Finally, we want to build a brand-new Child Mental Health Centre outside Jenin City and serving the whole of this region. In this Centre, children with Repetitive Traumatic Stress Disorder (RTSD) and a complete range of mental health disorders including autism, Downs syndrome, cerebral palsy, depression and anxiety will be treated by fully qualified mental health professionals.
IMET2000 has many years of experience in this discipline and we have been heavily involved in child mental health in the Middle East ever since 2004.

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