Herona Hospital First Visual Impairment Mobile Clinic with New Ambulance

Last Sunday, August 14, Herona Hospital launched another first in its campaign to serve many different outlying and isolated villages (some as distant as 60 km from Herona) through regular visits using our brand- new Toyota Land Cruiser Ambulance. This clinic concentrated on visual impairment in Katosi, a fishing village on the shores of Lake Victoria. We intend to run these outreach clinics one each week for different medical needs ranging from family planning and maternal health, HIV prevention and treatment, basic dental surgery, visual impairment and so on. Each clinic costs IMET2000 only about £250 inclusive of medicines, staff and logistics so we regard them as exceptional value. For example, in this first clinic, over 100 patients were tested and treated in one day. Those needing more prolonged treatment or surgery such as cataract operations were referred to the Herona Hospital modernised Eye Clinic. Please look at the link here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puRvPsQq6xs     as it gives a bird’s eye view of a large village and our Ambulance negotiating typical rough untarmacked roads and then the actual clinics with patients queuing for examination and testing. The aged and infirm are waiting on seats which were taken on the Ambulance roof-rack.

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