Herona Hospital Solar Powered and Independent of Grid

 Thanks to an extremely generous grant from the Paul Foundation, a full set of solar panels  (see photos below) have been installed in Herona Hospital sufficient to render the hospital virtually independent of the National Grid. This will save one large utility bill each year and, together with the modern generator already donated, installed and serviced by IMET, provide a more reliable source of energy. Since the IMET funded installation of X-Ray and the piped oxygen supplied by the recent donation of the Peak Scientific oxygen generator necessitating 3-phase supplies in certain parts of the hospital, the energy needs have shot up over the last 6 months so the solar panels connected to large storage batteries are a great gift. The modernisation of Herona under the direction of Dr Henry Garvin Mukalazi is really impressive and IMET is so proud of the virtually free service they provide to some 600,000 people in Mukono District.


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