IMET2000 Continues its Efforts to Help Fight COVID-19

The International Medical Education Trust 2000 (IMET2000) has once again joined forces with key healthcare stakeholders in the UK and overseas to help fight COVID-19. 

We are therefore developing a management, care and treatment programme for infected patients, regardless of age, which treats the virus and avoids having to put seriously ill patients on invasive ventilators. 


We are looking for funds to:

  • supply more WHO-standard PPE
  • purchase more UCL-Ventura CPAP respirators for areas of need
  • provide more disposable breathing circuits for delivery of oxygen to patients
  • train dedicated staff of many additional healthcare workers in basic life support and critical care of COVID-19 patients using our respirators and mannequins
  • purchase and deliver essential toiletries and sanitary products for patients infected by COVID-19.
  • help children and their families cope with the mental and economic impact of the pandemic; particularly in countries with limited resources. 

To support us in those projects and many others please click on the link below:

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