Harriet Paul

Harriet Paul has over 20 years experience working in the fundraising sector. She started her events career working in-house for Co-operation Ireland, Ireland’s leading peace-building charity. Her role involved setting up a London events division for them, establishing a programme of annual events and forming and managing various committees. Co-operation Ireland was set up during The Troubles. Their reciprocal exchange programmes for groups from different communities, linking them together to learn about each others’ cultures and traditions and to respect one another, have been running for over 30 years. They now share their learning and experience of peace-building internationally.

Harriet currently works freelance and has worked with a wide variety of charities, devising and delivering a diverse range of fundraising events for them. Harriet’s work with charities has involved regular liaison with patrons, board members, trustees, sponsors and donors and she has extensive experience working in prestige venues.

Examples of some of the organisations Harriet has worked with are shown below:

  • Tomorrow’s People, an organisation helping disadvantaged adults and young people in the UK, to get and keep a job and transforming the lives of long term unemployed people by ‘re-skilling’ them, so they can find and keep a job.
  • Z2K, a UK organisation concerned with poverty issues, providing free legal help for vulnerable debtors and low-income households.
  • Hope for Youth NI, an organisation helping to fund cross-community projects giving young people in Northern Ireland the opportunity to work together on practical projects that foster teamwork, creativity and personal development.
  • Stonewall, a campaigning and lobbying organisation on the establishment of their annual flagship fundraiser.
  • Shakespeare’s Globe, on their landmark high donor events.
  • The Board of the Happy Days Enniskillen International Becket Festival on high donor/sponsor events.
  • IMET2000 on their fundraising events since 2011.

Harriet has maintained long-term relationships with her clients, working with them beyond the management and delivery of events. Her close involvement with those she works with ensures she has an in depth understanding of their fundraising needs and enables her to assist with their overall strategy.

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