Providing Healthcare Education Worldwide

IMET2000 aims to promote inexpensive, continuous and accessible healthcare education and training for all professionals working in the global health sector by exploiting the IT revolution through e-learning and self-learning programmes bolted on to video conferencing and telemedicine networks and with face-to-face contacts where essential. Our goal is to provide a firm foundation for improved services to all those suffering from diseases and physical and mental trauma but especially in children in economically deprived societies or areas of violent conflict.


Our Programs

IMET2000 believes that a learning model must be continuously updated and based around the carefully identified needs of individual countries. For example, a three year training programme for community health workers who are therefore committed to serving their own people especially in rural areas is often more suitable to the need. Alongside such an initiative, upgrading of the nursing profession with opportunities for specialisation and ‘lead’ or ‘consultant nurse’ status is often a cost effective alternative to expensive physician training.

In addition, ambulance drivers and paramedics are often not only first on the scene but provide the only skills available in extreme emergency; they too need better training.

IMET2000 seeks to improve education and training right across the board to encourage a truly multidisciplinary approach not centred on hospitals but on family practice clinics. Finally we seek to address the shortage of healthcare workers in all disciplines by increasing the availability of cost effective distance learning opportunities and sponsoring students from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Facilitating continuous lifelong learning and professional development for doctors, nurses, dentists, paramedics, community health workers and allied health professionals in Palestine.

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IMET2000-Ukraine UNESCO Chair in Cryobiology

Backing education and training concentrated mostly on research in IVF, genetics, tissue banking, tissue regeneration, transplantation, pathology and maternal health.

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IMET2000-Africa and Asia

Providing affordable healthcare services to poor rural village communities in Africa and India as well as in Tibetan refugee communities in North India.

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IMET2000 is registered in England, registered charity no: 1081287

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