IMET2000 Renews Salary Support for Kaamil Issahaku in Ghana

 We have been so impressed by the wonderful work of the Action Through Enterprise (ATE) charity Manager Kaamil Issahaku in an important programme of support for children with disabilities (and their Mothers) in a very poor region of Ghana that we have decided to renew his salary for the calendar year 2021. In the letter of thanks, we have just today received from Kaamil (Click Here to View), you can read all about the SNAP programme that he is dedicated to as well as many other managerial duties he undertakes. He is an outstanding man and another champion in Africa we are proud to support. He has his own nuclear family (wife and three girls) but from the photos, you can see his love and genuine interest in his regional family touching the lives by example of many hundreds of needy people.

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