Latest News from Gaza Child Mental Health Centre

The Director of the Child Mental Health Centre in Gaza, Mohammed El Sharef has just sent the latest news which is encouraging to say the least. The Centre is now fully licenced and registered with the Minister of the Interior and Minister of Education and has opened its own dedicated bank account. Together with Firefly International, IMET2000 is budgeting near £60,000 a year to improve and upgrade this Centre and of course, as the needs in war-torn Gaza build up with children presenting in ever increasing numbers with repetitive traumatic stress disorder, depression and extreme anxiety, we hope we can increase this financial support for additional staff and numbers of patients treated. Mohammed’s detailed report on the first open Day of 2023 gives an idea of the importance of their work both in large groups as here and private one-one treatment of individual children.

Click below for the report:

Report on the first open day in 2023

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