Veterinary Student, Shaima Bsharat, Completes First Year Successfully


Just in the last day, we have been informed that the Bedouin veterinary student we are sponsoring in An Najah University, Shaima Bsharat, got an average of 86% in her three semester exams and continuous assessment. This probably puts her in the top 10% out of 60 students in her year. IMET2000 has gained sponsorship for her full 5years from the Galilee and Bseisu Foundations. This student has catalysed our greater interest in supporting many medical students in the Bedouin Community in the Jordan Valley and the Jenin Refugee Camp We are also very impressed by the quality of medical students in Jenin!. We think we have picked a champ in Shaima. We have just been told a moment ago that she has been selected to represent Palestine at a European Union Meeting in Brussels in September. She is a champ! Shaima sent us the link  to a video which is charming but leaves us also wondering how on earth she studies so well in those conditions.

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