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Brief report on the PhD studies of Dr Ahmed Abu Tayeh, Japan Research Institute

November 3, 2018

We are pleased to post the latest brief report on the PhD studies of our long-term friend and colleague Dr Ahmed Abu Tayeh. He studied as an undergraduate in Al Quds Medical School with an IMET2000 scholarship and after graduation and completing his internship joined the IMET2000 team and office in Ramallah serving us well and loyally until he was offered the opportunity to study in Japan for a higher degree. IMET2000 has helped him to near completion later this year when he returns to Ramallah together with his wife and child.

We are so proud of his achievements. His brief report as follows:
“Most autoimmune diseases have very strong genetic basis altering the function of immune cells and giving rise to chronic autoimmune inflammation. A transgenic mouse model is a powerful system to understand the mechanism of autoimmune diseases. In this model, the gene of interest is integrated into the genome of the developing mouse by genetic engineering techniques. This transgene can later express itself and change the normal phenotype of the mouse. It can also be passed down to future generations, which makes it very suitable to study.
My study is about a genetic mutation coding RIG-I, a member of group of proteins named RIGI-Like receptors family (retinoic acid-inducible gene-I -like receptors, RLR). In normal conditions, these proteins are inactive, but upon viral infection, these proteins become active and work as sensors inside immune cells, i.e., they are responsible for the recognition of viral nucleic acids, so that cells can counteract the infection through downstream signaling and activation of transcription of type-1 interferon and many anti-inflammatory proteins (cytokines). However, some genetic mutations render RLRs to be constitutively active (without viral infections), which results in profound secretion of type-1 interferon, resulting in a chronic inflammatory state and causing autoimmune diseases. My PhD study will enhance our understanding of the pathobiology of autoimmune diseases and will greatly assist in identifying therapeutic targets that may also be of relevance to other human autoimmune diseases.”

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Five Years Residency Mental Health Training Scholarship in King Abdullah University Hospital, Irbid, Jordan

October 11, 2018

My name is Omar Al-Ashhab. I received my Medical degree from Nile Valley University, Sudan. I’m very fortunate to be awarded an IMET2000 scholarship for Mental Health training (Psychiatry) in KAUH. As a teenager, I loved having the opportunity to hear people’s stories, and quickly I realised that this is something psychiatry. So I was encouraged to read more and more about human beings behaviour, attitude and their body language. When I used to go the streets and roads in Sudan I saw many poor and miserable children being scattered all over asking for money and food, so I was asking myself what kind of future they will have? So thinking of all of that made me believe that everything happened for a reason, and that gave me a strong passion to be a person who will spend his life caring and helping children. Children’s mental health is often something that is neglected of health care, and it has such a powerful impact on long-term health and wellness for children and families. I’m now in my first year and I’m so pleased to be in this career. I will return back to Palestine when I finished my training program aiming to improve access to mental health care for underserved children and families. I believe that in kids we have miracles and magic, in kids anything is possible.


Nursing Leadership and Management Skills Training

22 September 2018

IMET2000-PAL in cooperation with the Palestinian Nursing and Midwifery Association-Bethlehem Branch organised the first session of Nursing Leadership and Management Skills Training. The workshop was attended by 20 nurses from governmental and private hospitals at the West Bank. This training specifically aims to discuss the broader health care system, identify professional issues related to the clinical leader’s role, and identify key structural factors shaping decision making and problem-solving for a clinical leader. This workshop was led by Mrs Aida Zawahra, Human Development Trainer.


Anesthesia Programme

7 September 2018

Dr Abdelsatar Ravalia , an anesthesiologist from UK was the third volunteer to Palestine as part of Anesthesia training program to support safe global anesthesia and to run Hands on Training for the anesthesia residents. Dr Abdelsatar accomplished his 2-week mission starting on 7/9/2017 and visited 4 hospitals : AL-Makased hospital , Palestine Medical Complex (PMC), Rafidia Hospital and Hebron Hospital.


Basic Life Support (BLS) for Physicians and Nurses

1 September 2018

IMET2000-PAL in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and American Arab University-Jenin organised the Critical Core Training: Basic Life Support (BLS) for Nurses Session 17. The workshop was attended by 10 nurses from governmental and private hospitals at west bank. This workshop was led by Mr Ahmad Hodrob (American Heart Association “AHA”) Instructor.


AMEE Annual Conference

25 August 2018

Dr Mohammad Obeidallah attended AMEE Annual Conference, Basel 25th-31st of August 2018. His participation came after his poster on Palestinian Anesthesia training mission run by IMET2000 and WAFSA was accepted for presentation at the conference. The conference was an opportunity to network with others with similar interests, to hear and discuss the views of acknowledged experts, to take part in workshops and courses and to present our own work through a short communication or poster. AMEE conferences are held on a wide range of topical issues in medical education.


Malik and Colin Trip To Palestine

July 2018

Malik and Colin set off for their working visits to Palestine , Malik for 4 weeks and Colin for just one. Both had very full programmes sometimes working together and other times operating separately. On Saturday, Colin met up with Dr Mamdouh Al Aker to discuss the possibility of Birzeit University setting up a Department of Postgraduate Studies in Healthcare which could raise standards in clinical research as well as other activities useful in the Palestinian Health Sector. He then had a meeting in Jerusalem with the Israeli activist Professor Jeff Halper to discuss conflict resolution in the Middle East and this was followed by a meeting in the evening with Dr Hani Abdeen Dean of Al Quds Medical School. On Sunday Colin visited the Rawan Centre for Child Development and enjoyed taking part in the final day of a three week summer camp and was so pleased that IMET2000 is supporting this programme. On Monday, he visited the Al Quds Medical School in Abu Dies in the morning and had a very productive meeting with the Dean and with the President of the University. Another meeting in the Rawan Centre on Monday afternoon with their Board of Trustees revealed just how ambitious they are to become leaders in this child mental health programme throughout Palestine and too just how much they hope that IMET2000 can fund their ambitions. Colin visited the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music on Tuesday and met the CEO and some of the teachers and the children in their classes; this is a particular interest as Colin is a Trustee of the Friends in London and helps raise funds for them too. The high light of the whole week was the Conference on Clinical Research and Audit organised by Dr Malik Zaben and the IMET2000 –Pal office and held in Ramallah on Wednesday the 25 th July in the Red Crescent Centre. This was oversubscribed and we spoke to a full audience of around 200 participants. The reception and feedback was enthusiastic. On Thursday Malik and Colin visited and toured the Istishari Hospital outside Ramallah and were incredibly impressed by the high quality of the building, the staff and the service provided. The Director honoured Colin for his contributions over 35 years to the Palestinian Health Sector. Another excellent meeting followed with the Minister of Health and the Deputy Minister and our many projects in the West Bank and Gaza were discussed at length. They both wanted support for a new Government Medical School in Hebron and Malik and Colin though hesitant agreed to explore the idea without making any commitment. Both were honoured by the Minister and presented with splendid mementos of their visit. Colin and Malik then made a visit to the British Council in Ramallah and had long talks with the new Director Martin Daltry and the Deputy Caroline Khalifi. After Colin returned home to the UK later that day , Malik stayed on for a further 3 weeks and again had a busy schedule.


IMET2000 Board of Trustees Mid-Summer Meeting

June 2018

The IMET2000 Board of Trustees Mid-Summer Meeting was held in The Royal Society of Medicine in London. Kay Glendinning resigned officially after many years as Chair and in fact supporting the charity ever since it started in 2000. She was heartily thanked for all she had done to ensure the safety and success of IMET2000 over 18 years.Colin Green also resigned from his place on the Executive Committee and intends to return to academic life and use the time to research modern warfare, the arms trade and latest weaponry developments. We were all delighted to welcome Nick Maynard as the new Chairman of the Board and Kathryn Green and Dr Omar Abdelmannan as new Trustees to replace John Beavis and David Pegg both stepping down because of ill health. Both John and David have served IMET2000 for so many years and been such wise support for those at the coalface. We can only thank them again for such loyal service and hope their health improves. Colin introduced to the Board the two ladies recruited to replace him on the Executive Committee. Both were present. Mrs Julie Verne has accepted the post of Director of Development and Ms Heba Ghanem the role of Business Manager and Treasurer. We are delighted to welcome such talented ladies to our cause. We are also delighted that Harriet Paul has agreed to step back from her role as Director of Corporate Development and Events and stay on the Executive as Director of Events. The achievements of IMET2000 were reported by our CEO Malik Zaben on Palestine, Barry Fuller on Ukraine and Colin Green on Africa.


Mark Thomas: Showtime from the Frontline

April 2018

April 21 st: Our loyal Patron, the entertainer and human rights activist Mark Thomas who has set up with some financial support from IMET2000 the Jenin Comedy Club together with 15 Palestinian actors toured their show ‘Showtime from the Frontline’ for over three weeks throughout the UK starting in Edinburgh late March to April 21st with himself and two Palestinian comic actors Faisal Abu Alhayjaa and Alaa Shehada. The tour virtually sold out in each venue with only a couple of exceptions and ended with a triumphant two week run in the Theatre Royal Stratford East. They had without exception brilliant revues including in national newspapers. We were so proud of their success especially as Mark really gave over the stage to the two Palestinians and made sure that their eclectic mix of jokes and satire about Palestinian life under occupation was the highlight and at the forefront of the programme. ( Both actors have gone back to their homes in Jenin and are leading the other actors committed to growing the Comedy Club. This is another example of IMET2000 promoting Palestinian cultural activities where we think it is particularly important to the morale of a people under military occupation.


IMET2000 Annual Fundraising Dinner

February 2018

The IMET2000 Annual Dinner took place in the Peers’ Dining Room at The House of Lords on Friday 2nd February, 2018 kindly hosted by The Baroness Jenny Tonge.

We were delighted to once again have a full house for the event and during the evening guests enjoyed wonderful entertainment from the UK’s leading comedy and satirical impressionist Rory Bremner and beautiful music from Tibah Saad who is part of The Galilee Quartet. Tibah played Bach’s Solo Cello Suite (Allemande Movement) and then sang Arab songs accompanied on the oud by the excellent Yousif Rabady.

Special guests on the night included Dr Nezam Abdalhlim, the President of the Palestinian Medical Association who together with Dr Malik Zaben, IMET2000 Chief Executive talked to the guests about the importance of IMET2000’s current projects. We were also pleased to have as our Palestinian guests Mr Bashar Ayaseh who we are supporting in Nottingham University for one year and Mrs Esra Hamdan who we support in her PhD studies in the University of East Anglia. IMET2000 would like to thank our event sponsor BB Energy as well as all those who supported the event so generously by taking a table or tickets, making a donation or pledge, donating or purchasing a prize.

We raised funds for the six projects shown below and happily the event was a great success reaching our target of £100,000.

  • A New Neurological Unit in Gaza
  • The Newly Established Advanced Trauma and Life Support (ATLS) Centre in Ramallah
  • Child Mental Health Programme in Partnership with Palestinian NGO Rawan Association for Child Development
  • One Year Support for Mr Bashar Ayaseh Studies in Nottingham University for MSc in Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Post Neurosurgery
  • Support for Third Year of a Four Year Residency in Child Psychiatry in Jordan for Dr Amal Kamal
  • Support for the First Year of a Four Year Residency in Child Psychiatry in Jordan for Dr Omar Al-Ashhab

IMET2000 and RAWAN Association Memorandum of Understanding

October 20, 2017

Our CEO Dr Malik Zaben, the Executive Director of Rawan Association Mrs Salam Asia and the Director of Development and Planning Mr Omar Al-Khateeb, signed up a memorandum of understanding for future collaboration. The two parties are looking forward to working together towards empowering Rawan’s charity members of staff with training courses to deal with kids with autism, ADHA and dyslexia. On the other hand IMET2000 team will be joining Rawan’s team in their campaigns in disadvantaged areas aiming to increase the awareness of the needs of these children.


IMET2000-PAL Organised workshop in Medical Research Methodology

September 24, 2017

On the 24th of September 2017, IMET2000-Pal organised a workshop in medical research methodology for the medical students at An-Najah University-Nablus. More than 450 students who are in their fourth, fifth and sixth year in medical college attended the workshop, which was conducted by Dr Malik Zaben, Clinical Lecturer and Researcher in Neurosurgery, Cardiff University, UK. The training enriched the knowledge of the attendees about types of medical research, the difference between a research and a clinical audit, the optimal way for their conduction and the best style in reading and writing scientific papers.


Training the Trainers (TtT) for Healthcare Professionals

September 1, 2017

In cooperation with Nursing and Midwifery Department at An-Najah National University, IMET2000-Pal organized training on how to be a good trainer “Training the Trainers (TtT) for Healthcare Professionals”. The workshop was attended by more than 35 clinical instructors from different governmental hospitals and private hospitals. The workshop aimed to bring audience to the moste up-to-date clinical teaching methods particularly focusing on small group teaching in the context of bedside training. Dr. Malik Zaben the CEO of IMET2000, Dr. Aida Alkaisi the Head of Nursing and Midwifery Department, Dr. Eman Al-Shaweesh and Mrs. Mahdia Kony (lecturers) from An-Najah National University were the speakers at this workshop.


IMET2000 CEO, 2 Doctors and 2 Nurses Participated in AMEE Meeting 2017, Helsinki

August 23, 2017

Our CEO Dr Malik Zaben, 2doctors and 2 nurses from Palestine attended the AMEE annual conference, Helsinki 25th-31st August 2017. The 4 delegates from Palestine have also attended the world class on medical education “ essential Skills on Medical Education (ESME)”. This conference is now established as the key meeting for all involved in medical and healthcare professions education including teachers, educationists, researchers, administrators and students. The conference provides an opportunity to network with others with similar interests, to hear and discuss the views of acknowledged experts, to take part in workshops and courses and to present your own work through a short communication or poster. AMEE conferences are held on a wide range of topical issues in medical and health care professions education.

Helping Hands

Critical Core Training: Basic Life Support (BLS) for Physicians IX

July 26, 2017

July 26th, IMET 2000-PAL in co-operation with the American Arab University-Jenin organised the Critical Core Training: Basic Life Support (BLS) for Physicians IX. The workshop was attended by a number of physicians and medical students working at different hospitals in Palestine. This workshop was led by Mr Ayman Enaya (American Heart Association “AHA”) Instructor.


Critical Nursing Care Training: Hemodynamic Monitoring and Interpretation

July 18, 2017

On July the 18th 2017, IMET2000-Pal organised a Critical Nursing Care Training on Hemodynamic Monitoring, Measurement and Interpretation. The workshop was held at the Palestine Red Crescent Society- Al-Bireh- Ramallah and was attended by more than 35 nurses working in different governmental hospitals, Augusta Victoria Hospital and An-Najah National University Hospital. This workshop was led by Mr Osaid Rashid, a lecturer at Al-Quds University. The training focused on the normal cardiac anatomy and physiology and normal blood hemodynamics pressures inside the heart, understand the arterial blood pressure monitoring: Invasive and noninvasive methods, and recognise levelling and taking measurements from invasive measurement methods.

IMET 2000-PAL organised the 8th BLS workshop in Nablus

July 10, 2017

On the 10th of July and in co-operation with the Arab American University/ Jenin, IMET2000-PAL organised the eighth training in Basic Life Support (BLS) for doctors and nurses working at Al-Watani Governmental Hospital in Nablus. The workshop was led by Mr Bahaa Hamad (AHA). This training aimed to enrich the knowledge of the participants with latest updates and applications of cardiopulmonary resuscitation according to the guidelines of the American Heart Association.


IMET2000-Pal Workshop on Medical Research Methodology

April 18, 2017

On the 18th of April 2017, IMET2000-Pal organised a workshop on medical research methodology for the medical and postgraduate health sciences students. The workshop was held at Al-Quds University-Jerusalem, and was attended by 180 medical students. It was opened by Dr Dina Al-Bitar and led by our CEO, Dr Malik Zaben, Clinical Lecturer & Researcher in Neurosurgery, Cardiff University, UK. The training highlighted the importance of research in general and clinical research in particular in improving patients’ healthcare. In this workshop students were trained on how to conduct a clinical audit, formulate a research question and read/write a scientific paper. The workshop was concluded by an inspirational lecture in which Dr Zaben talked about his experience as an academic surgeon. The students feedback on the workshop was excellent. IMET2000 will support students who are interested in conducting research projects in the future.


IMET2000-PAL Organised a Training for Psychiatrists on Forensic psychiatry

April 13, 2017

In collaboration with the Mental Health Unit in the Ministry of Health, IMET 2000-Pal organised a training for psychiatrists on forensic psychiatry on April the 13th, 2017. The workshop was held at the Directory of Health building – Ramallah and was attended by 12 psychiatrists from the different districts of the West Bank. It was led by Dr Hasanen Al-Taiar -Forensic Psychiatrist,Oxford, UK. The training focused on writing forensic psychiatric reports, expert witness and giving evidence in courts, risk assessment, mental capacity and power of attorney. IMET2000 was asked to organise training on these topics by the MoH Mental Health Department Director taken in consideration there relevance to psychiatry practice in Palestine.

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