Mr Bashar Ayaseh

Master of Science in Physiotherapy Scholarship, Nottingham University, August, 2017

I am Bashar Ayaseh, from Sanour, Palestine, Head of the Physiotherapy Department at St. Joseph Hospital, Jerusalem and was delighted to be successfully nominated to receive a scholarship sponsored by IMET2000, to study for a Masters of Physiotherapy (Neuro Rehabilitation) at the University of Nottingham, U.K, one of the top 100 universities in the world. I completed all the required examinations with high scores thereby enabling me to enroll in this academic course for an MSc. I started here in Nottingham in August, 2017 with a crash course in English and am now enjoying my studies for the MSc. I expect to graduate in September 2018 and will then be the first and the only physiotherapist specialising in Neuro Rehabilitation in Palestine with the ambition to build up a team of physiotherapists specialising in this discipline working in different hospitals throughout the West Bank and Gaza.

Mr Mohammad Hayek

PhD Nursing Scholarship, WITS University, South Africa. August, 2017

My name is Mohammad Hayek, I arrived in South Africa on the 28th of August 2017. I am currently doing my PhD at WITS University/therapeutic sciences department in the nursing/health science faculty. After I completed all the administrative and registration issues, I started my study with Professor Lize Maree into cancer pain and symptom management. My studies are progressing very well. We started reviewing my subject soon after I arrived and have prepared our proposal. I have also attended, enjoyed and benefited from 3 workshops about research methodology. I am grateful to IMET2000 for generous sponsorship.

Mr Nizar Said

PhD Nursing Scholarship, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, September, 2017

I am Nizar Said and I have been awarded an IMET2000 scholarship to study for a PhD in Hong Kong Polytechnic University on a topic relevant to our situation in Palestine. Natural disasters and emergencies such as earthquakes, hurricanes or thunderstorms can occur quickly and without warning. The ill effects of military conflict are likely to be more protracted and predictable. The severity of these phenomena determines the consequences for people and their resources and can have profound impact on whole populations. As healthcare workers have a key role for community welfare in these circumstances, and nurses are in the frontline for caring, their role spans a spectrum from basic care, monitoring of vital signs, triage to complex cases such as taking care of severely injured, traumatised and septic patients. In addition, they provide psychological care for the patients and their families. Usually, this care is provided with limited resources or in situations that make their work and duties more complicated and stressful such as wars and earthquakes. For this role, nurses must possess the knowledge and skill to improve their abilities in disaster management. The preparation for disasters is an important and essential step toward caring for people as well as themselves. The aim of this study is to establish a strong nursing curriculum for preparing for disasters, moving toward a high level of disaster management.

Dr Amal Abu Abada

Five Year Residency Mental Health Training Scholarship, in King Abdullah University Hospital, Irbid, Jordan, December, 2016

My name is Dr Amal Abu Abada and I trained as a physician in the Islamic University School of Medicine in Gaza. I became interested in the child mental health programme run from, Ramallah by the UK charity IMET2000 and applied for one of their training scholarships when this was advertised in early 2016. I was pleased to be awarded an IMET2000 scholarship for training in psychiatry in King Abdullah University Hospital, Irbid, Jordan. This comprises a four year residency training in general psychiatry followed by one year of training in the UK in child mental health. I am now in my third year and look forward to completing my career development in the UK. On completion, I will return to Gaza together with my husband and baby as a fully qualified child psychiatrist to serve my paediatric patients there.

Dr Ruqaya Awawdeh

Four Year Residency in Child Psychiatry Scholarship in Al Rashid Hospital, Amman, Jordan, January, 2013

I have nearly completed my residency programme in basic psychiatry and now married have to decide on my future career path and whether to train in child psychiatry. I have really enjoyed my residency in Jordan and can recommend the training here. Despite any difficulties or minor disadvantages, the benefits are far more than any disadvantage. I think it will always be a good opportunity to any doctor to have an experience in this organised health system in Jordan so that we can at least encourage our doctors to try always to be more successful and more professional so that we can raise up the level of our health services and our medical education.

Mr Bader Wridat and Mr Ibrahim Abu Helwa: Senior Nurses in Al Makassed Hospital, Jerusalem

Clinical Training in Critical Care Nursing, University Hospital of Wales, December, 2017

In advance of but integral to part of our Acute Trauma and Life Support (ATLS) programme, IMET 2000 sponsored two senior nurses in Al Makassed Hospital, Jerusalem to have 4 weeks of intensive clinical training in the Critical Care Unit in the University Hospital of Wales, UK. This was really successful. In their own words “We had the chance to have a training course in the Critical Care Unit in University Hospital of Wales. We had really great times, and we wish we could translate the experience to our hospital (Al Makassed) in order to save more lives. Many thanks to IMET2000-Pal for their support and coordination.

Nine University of Bethlehem MSc Students in Critical Care Nursing

Clinical Training in Accident & Emergency Department at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, April, 2016

At the request of the Dean of Postgraduate Training in the University of Bethlehem School of Nursing, IMET2000 supported nine nursing students from Bethlehem University for training in Accident & Emergency Department at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, UK. They arrived on the 11th April, 2016 and had intensive training for 4 weeks. During this time the students explored the British healthcare system, the extreme pressures on A&E departments and the work of the ambulance service and training of paramedics. Feedback from the Palestinians (and their UK peers and tutors) was very positive. They were interested in the marked similarities in the UK with their own experience in Palestine as well as the differences. They were particularly pleased to be given the chance to practice not just observe the care given to patients. 10.October University of Bethlehem MSc Students in Cancer Patient Nursing: Clinical Training in the Beatson Cancer Centre in Glasgow, UK (October, 2017). As one of its programmes in developing the Palestinian Health Sector, IMET2000 supported 4 nurses from the University of Bethlehem University ( Ms Dana Noor, Mrs Khitam Harb, Mr Ismat Awawdeh and Mr Tamer Jafal), to train in the High Diploma Programme on Oncology Nursing and Palliative Care Training at the Beatson Cancer Center in Glasgow for approximately a month. The students praised the training, covering as it did the whole care spectrum from monitoring and early detection to rehabilitation programmes for patients. They felt that this would be a qualitative shift in standards if it could be translated to Palestinian conditions. That is their ambition.

Dr Abeer Mahmoud, Gaza

MD Pathology Residency Scholarship in University of Cairo, Egypt, 2009

At one stage of my life, with all the difficulties of life in Palestine (especially my home in Gaza after the 2008 assault) I had very little hope of achieving my postgraduate ambitions to become a histopathologist. However, a few months following the war, I was selected for a Pathology residency at Cairo University. I immediately wrote to Liz and Colin Green, both of whom I knew were of great support for Al-Quds Medical School graduates and who always believed in us. Representing IMET-2000, they did not hesitate in giving me all the support I needed. My journey as a fully trained histopathologist is well on track (not smooth, as every other journey in life), but I’m just loving it and after further experience in Jordan look forward to returning to Gaza.

Dr Intima’ Alrimawi, Birzeit University

PhD Nursing Support Scholarship, University of Nottingham, October, 2017

A study to better understand the prevention of unintentional domestic injuries at home among Palestinian children aged under five years. IMET2000 helped me financially in the second and third year of my study and helped push me forward toward achieving my ambitions in the education and research paths of nursing.

Dr Yaser Ashaer, Gaza

Five Year Mental Health Training Scholarship in King Abdullah University Hospital, Irbid, Jordan, October, 2015

I am Dr Yaser Ashaer, I trained in Egypt as a doctor of medicine and later lived and worked in my home country in Gaza until I was awarded an IMET2000 training scholarship in child psychiatry. This 4 year residency training in general psychiatry in King Abdullah University Hospital, Irbid, Jordan will be followed by one year of training in the UK in child mental health. I am now in my final year in Irbid. It has been the most rewarding time in my life with extensive if sad clinical experience gained because of the mental trauma suffered by so many fleeing Syria into the relative safety of Jordan. I will definitely return to Gaza once qualified as a child psychiatrist to treat children there and serve my people.

Mrs Esra’ Hamdan

PhD Physiotherapy Scholarship, University of East Anglia, January, 2017

I am Mrs. Esra’ Hamdan and have been awarded an IMET2000 PhD scholarship in the University of East Anglia, UK to study the role of physiotherapy and exercise and physical activity in rehabilitation of Palestinian women following surgery and therapy for breast cancer. I am now in my second of three years and enjoy a blended mix of field work in the West Bank and supervision and theoretical study in East Anglia. IMET2000 are keen on this combined Palestine/UK collaboration and I am pleased to have such a fine opportunity to enhance my career. I am interested in the positive impact of exercise on both the physical and the mental state of my patients, many of whom are demoralised and unhappy about their future.

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