Ukraine archives


  • October16th-18th:BJF and CG worked in Kharkov with the young scientists of the UNESCO Chair.


  • May 15th-20th: Together with Barry Fuller, CG worked in Kharkov with the young scientists of the UNESCO Chair and participated in the Young Scientists Conference. Dr Andrei Yabluchanski, working in NPIMR ( under the supervision of Barry and sponsored by IMET2000 was awarded his PhD in University College London (UCL).


  • August 18th-21st: CG worked in the Ukraine for 3 days.


  • November 26th-December 2nd: BJF and CG visited Kharkov and joined in the celebrations for the 10th Anniversary of the UNESCO Chair in Cryobiology being established.
  • May 28th-June2nd: BJF and CG worked in Kharkov with the UNESCO Chair scientists and participated in the Young Scientists Meeting.


  • August 9th-13th: CG worked in the Ukraine (Kharkov and Kiev) together with Professor Barry Fuller (BJF).


  • November 11th-16th: With Professor Barry Fuller, CG worked in Kharkov for 5 days.
  • October 20th-November 5th:IMET2000 sponsored Dr Andrei Yabluchanski from Kharkov to train in experimental surgery and microsurgery in the NPIMR laboratories.


  • July 12th-15th: CG visited Kiev for the Ukraine Academy of Scientists meeting and to meet senior academics wanting to collaborate with NPIMR and Kharkov as joint ventures.
  • May 6th-12th: CG visited Kharkov to work with young scientists and participate in the Young Scientist Conference


  • November 19th-23rd: CG flew to Kharkov to work with UNESCO Chair scientists.
  • September 20th-23rd: CG flew to Kharkov for their annual conference and meeting with the UNESCO Chair young scientists.


  • August8th-11th: Dr Galina Gardamaya from the Ukraine sponsored by IMET2000 spent time in Northwick Park and Mount Vernon Hospitals for preliminary training in Plastic surgery.
  • January 15th: Dr Lydia Kravchenko arrived in the UK from Kharkov (sponsored by IMET2000) to spend 4 weeks in the Royal Free Hospital research laboratories of Professor Barry Fuller studying different perfusion solutions for storage in experimental liver transplantation.


  • May15th-20th: CG visited Kharkov in the Ukraine partly to meet up with the Dean in the Kharkov State Medical School and arrange for teachers to help in teaching anatomy in Palestine and partly to participate in the two-day Young Scientists Conference and meet with the young scientists forming the ‘cathedra’ of the UNESCO Chair in Cryobiology.


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