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  • December 21st: CG met up in the University of Luton with Dr Julia Kopeika who graduated in Kharkov, then majored in gynaecology and IVF research, before coming to the UK sponsored by IMET2000 for her PhD studies in Luton.

  • December7th-10th: CG visited Gothenberg in Sweden to meet Faculty and students in the School of Medicine with a view to future visits to Palestine and help with teaching and setting up exchange electives for medical students under the direction of Professor Kurt Ahrens.

  • August 22nd-30th: CG visited St Petersburg in Russia to assess teachers in the University Faculty of Medicine for a possible supportive role in Palestine and at the same time met colleagues in the Burns Unit and Fire Brigade to assess the impact of CFBT educational material designed to reduce number of domestic burns in children.

  • March 28th-3rd April: CG visited Palestine to meet up with the Dean of the Al Quds University Faculty of Medicine and the President of the University Dr Sari Nusseibi and plan a range of undergraduate and postgraduate activities in response to need.

  • January 21st-30th: Colin Green (CG) visited Moscow as the Scientific Adviser to the charity the ‘Children’s Fire and Burns Trust’ (CFBT) tasked with the feasibility of setting up a cell-culture laboratory in the Speranski Hospital Children’s Burns Unit. Three different hospitals were visited as well as a laboratory already supplying cultured fibroblasts to the Burns Unit and plans were drawn up to establish a small laboratory capable of culturing keratinocytes.


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