IMET2000-Ukraine UNESCO Chair in Cryobiology

IMET2000 has been running a programme for young physicians and surgeons, nurses and biomedical research workers since the year 2000. Much has been achieved through its partnership with the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences and the UNESCO Chair of Cryobiology based in Kharkov.

IMET2000 also has extensive collaborations with the Kharkov State Medical School. This programme has been run by the late Academician Valentin Grischenko in the Ukraine and Professors Barry Fuller and Colin Green in IMET2000.

In summary, IMET2000 has backed education and training to a limited extent and concentrated mostly on research in IVF, genetics, tissue banking, tissue regeneration, transplantation, pathology and maternal health. This has been achieved through:

  • Working and training visits to the UK, Sweden, France, Belgium, Italy and Czech Republic funded by IMET2000

  • Joint grant applications to international donors for specific projects

  • Travel bursaries for young scientists and health professionals

  • Prizes for presentations at international conferences

  • Graduate fellowships leading to higher degrees (MSc and PhD) in UK and Sweden

  • Working visits of international experts to Ukraine

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