Procedures and Policies

Collection and Use of Personal Data

The International Medical Education Trust 2000 (IMET2000) holds only essential personal information on a very limited number of friends who have in the past supported the charity either financially, receiving and commenting on our occasional newsletters, joining us in fundraising events or helping in a voluntary capacity in teaching and training in our humanitarian projects overseas. Future use of this information will be exclusively for these purposes.

Disclosing Your Information

IMET2000 will under no circumstances share your information with any third parties without your explicit approval in writing.

Data Storage

We have secure processes for the storage of personal information in an internal database of IMET2000 supporters and only two members of the Executive Council have access to this. We do not employ commercial organisations (such as Mail Chimp) to manage our communications and secure on-line data. In the unlikely event of a data breach, we will alert the individuals affected immediately and report the breach to the information Commissioner’s Office by telephone and in writing.

IMET2000 Partners and Collaborators

The IMET2000 website has links to many other websites of partners and collaborators in our humanitarian activities. These are outside our control and we have no say in their privacy policy. If you choose to access those websites using the links provided, any information you choose to give them is your responsibility and will be used by them in accordance withtheir privacy policy.

Updating Data or Unsubscribing

If you want to update the information we hold or no longer want to be contacted by IMET2000 please simply write a brief e-mail to re updating or even more simply unsubscribe if no longer wanting communication.



IMET2000 Safeguarding of Children

Code of Conduct

What to Do

  • Challenge attitudes and behaviours that contravene this code of conduct

  • Treat all children with dignity and respect

  • Respect a child’s right to personal privacy

  • Plan all IMET2000 activities with children to have more than one adult present

  • Ensure that there are separate sleeping quarters for IMET2000 representatives and the children with whom they are working

  • Keep your colleagues informed of your whereabouts and what you are doing when working with children

  • Never show favouritism

  • Remember your actions may be misinterpreted however innocent the intent

  • Encourage children to talk freely about their concerns and issues

  • Take seriously all allegations, concerns and suspicions of abuse and report them both verbally and in writing

What to Avoid

  • Never ignore or trivialise allegations of child abuse

  • Never physically, sexually or emotionally harm or threaten to harm a child

  • Never engage in any form of sexual activity with anyone under the age of 18, with or without their consent, regardless of age of consent of local law, custom or culture

  • Do not engage in inappropriate physical, verbal or sexual behaviour with or in the presence of children(including on-line or via mobile phones)

  • Do not send private messages to children you are involved with through IMET2000 (no private messaging through social media)

  • Do not drink alcohol or use harmful substances when working with children and never supply them to children

  • Do not place children in unsafe places or situations

  • Never engage in relationships such as a sexual relationship with a child’s family member

  • Do not expect your status or hitherto good reputation to protect you from complaints or allegations

  • Never allow allegations, concerns or suspicions of abuse to go unreported however unlikely or trivial they may appear

Required Actions

If a child tells you they are being abused or exploited or you have a concern about a child, you must:

  • Ensure the child is not in immediate danger

  • Allow the child to speak without interruption and accept what they say as true

  • Be understanding and reassuring but never give your own opinion

  • Never promise to keep secrets but do say you need to tell someone who can help

  • Write careful notes of what was discussed immediately after the conversation using actual quotes if possible

  • Contact the appropriate IMET2000 Safeguarding Officer immediately

If there is a concern, complaint or allegation about an adult involving a child you must:

  • Ensure the child is not in immediate danger

  • Write careful notes of what you heard, were told or actually witnessed

Contact the appropriate IMET2000 Safeguarding Officer immediately, report but never investigate.

IMET2000 Officers Responsible

Enter your answer here. Be thoughtful with your answer, write clearly, and consider adding examples. Remember, your reader wants to know more about your company, so provide all the details you can.

Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Policy Statement

IMET2000 will not tolerate sexually abusive or exploitative acts being perpetrated by our employees, volunteers or anyone associated with the delivery of our programmes. Employees and managers are bound to uphold this policy and to report people or incidents that they believe contravene it. IMET2000 managers have a duty to ensure that any and all allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse would be investigated and that appropriate disciplinary measures are taken. IMET2000 also has a duty to provide appropriate assistance to any victims of sexual exploitation and abuse by our staff if any should arise.

Child Protection Policy Statement

A child is anyone under the age of 18 wherever they live. Keeping children safe is our top priority in everything we do. We have a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of child abuse and exploitation by any of our staff, volunteers or partner organisations wherever they are working even though other cultures may have different levels of tolerance.

We have a responsibility to ensure all those working for or on behalf of IMET2000 are given clear guidance (see below our Code of Behaviour) about the standards of behaviour and practice required of them at all times when they are in contact with children. While primarily intended to safeguard children this policy also serves to reduce the possibility of unsubstantiated allegations of improper conduct about those working for us.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults: Procedures and Policy Statement

IMET2000 will not tolerate the abuse of adults at risk in any of its forms. We are committed to managing our humanitarian activities in a way which minimises the risk of abuse occurring, supporting adults at risk who are vulnerable, experiencing or having experienced abuse and working with adults at risk and other agencies to end any abuse that is taking place.

Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy Statement

IMET2000 believes that all people should be treated with dignity, fairness and respect. Consequently, we will not tolerate the harassment or bullying of employees, volunteers or employees of contractors whilst working at IMET2000 related events or whilst carrying out IMET2000 business. Any allegations of harassment or bullying will be immediately dealt with in a fair and sensitive manner.

Disclosure of Malpractice in the Workplace Policy Statement

We welcome genuine ‘whistle-blowers’ as people helping to maintain our standards. It is vital that everyone who works for us maintains the highest standards of conduct, integrity and ethics, and complies with local legislation. If an employee, volunteer, consultant or contractor/partner has any genuine concerns about malpractice in the workplace, we strongly encourage them to communicate these without fear of reprisals and in the knowledge that they will be absolutely protected from victimisation and dismissal.


Our safeguarding policy applies to all who work with IMET2000 or on its behalf, including:

  • All staff whether full-time or part time or whether based and employed nationally or internationally

  • Individuals employed or engaged on short term projects such as visiting lecturers, researchers, examiners, clinicians

  • Trustees, Patrons and volunteers

  • Visitors to our projects as donors, sponsors, journalists, parliamentarians

  • Local partners working with IMET2000

Staff Recruitment

All Trustee, staff, volunteer and consultant recruitment will emphasise the insistence on strict adherence of all to our safeguarding policies. They will have to:

  • Sign a declaration acknowledging their acceptance of the IMET2000 Safeguarding Policies and Code of Conduct

  • Complete a declaration of criminal convictions, providing details of any convictions or cautions, in accordance with relevant current legislation

  • Declare any previous allegations, investigations, proceedings or disciplinary hearings that relate to the care ,safety or harm to children or vulnerable adults

  • Satisfactorily complete the criminal records checking process

  • Provide appropriate referees to IMET2000 including former employers who can vouch for the integrity of the applicant in working with children and vulnerable adults

  • At interview declare their motivation for working with children or vulnerable adults.


All staff and field volunteers will commence mandatory training within three months of appointment to ensure they meet their safeguarding obligations.

Code of Conduct

IMET2000 has a Code of Conduct that is mandatory for all those working on our behalf to follow. This gives clear guidance on behaviour in dealing with children.

Safeguarding Children or Vulnerable Adults Involved with Publicity Material and Media.

IMET2000 works to protect children and vulnerable adults from harm when involved with our publicity or media activities. Images and photographs have to be decent and respectful. This is particularly important when they have been severely injured during military conflict and violence. Whenever possible, consent is sought from the victim or from their parents or guardians. Anonymity and prevention of identification are essential.

Safeguarding and Partners

IMET2000 will only work with partners (whether individuals or organisations) who have similar ideals or safeguarding procedures in place.

Senior Management Responsibilities

The Board of Trustees, the Executive Council and appointed Safeguarding Officers have special responsibility for monitoring and implementation of all the IMET2000 safeguarding policies. The designated Safeguarding Trustee must ensure that IMET2000’s policies are up to date and reviewed every two years. All suspected cases of abuse will be recorded documented and fully investigated with due fairness and respect for both the accused and the putative victim.

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