IMET 2000-Pal



Since it was established in the year 2000, IMET2000 has been working to address the immense need for upgrading healthcare in Palestine. It facilitates continuous lifelong learning and professional development for doctors, nurses, dentists, paramedics, community health workers and allied health professionals by providing a core matrix of e-learning and self-directed learning which is both accessible and cost effective. Our current work is particularly focused on mental and physical trauma in children resulting from conflict, severe economic deprivation, torture and abuse.

Our six main projects are:

  • Training of workers dealing with physical trauma including military casualties, accident and emergency and burns

  • A child psychiatry project to deal with the breakdown of family networks and social fabric as a result of occupation

  • A Centre for Health Sciences Education in Ramallah offering e-learning, telemedicine and specialist training, and help with such Palestinian initiatives as Community Health worker training

  • Upgrading the standard of anaesthesia, intensive care and management of acute and chronic pain

  • Establishing with the MoH a new ATLS centre and programme

  • Dealing urgently with the serious problem of hospital infection and hygiene

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