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  • November 13th-15th: Together with Academician Valentin Grischenko and Professor Barry Fuller, CG met in the UNESCO HQ in Paris in their 5 year appraisal meeting/conference and discovered that the Chair run out of Kiev and Kharkov was considered one of the 10 most active in the world out of 500 UNESCO Chairs.

  • October 2nd-7th: CG flew to Kharkov to participate in the International Conference on Problems of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine and to meet the young scientists signing up as new cathedra members of the UNESCO Chair in Cryobiology.

  • September20th-24th: CG flew to Palestine to meet with MoH officials, the Dean of the Al Quds Medical School and with several potential Embassy donors and such NGOs as ANERA, DfiD and UNDP.

  • August9th-15th: IMET2000 sponsored and organised a workshop to look at the feasibility of setting up a global networked medical school in which the bulk of learning and curriculum delivery could be on-line and would be accessible to students in developing countries at low cost. The participants included expert educationalists from Cuba, Russia, South Africa, USA, Canada, Australia, Ukraine and Singapore as well as in the UK from Dundee, UCL and St Georges Medical Schools. Great interest was shown by all and it was agreed that IMET2000 should work up a business plan together with colleagues in St Georges Medical School and see if it was economically feasible.

  • July 13th-16th: CG flew to Ottawa in Canada to participate in the International Conference on Medical Education.

  • June 5th-12th: CG flew to Catania in Sicily to an international conference on research into the role of the gas carbon monoxide (CO) in maintaining homeostasis and the medicinal potential for the gas and CO-carrier molecules.

  • February 18th-25th: CG visited Cuba to plan joint medical and nursing collaborations with the Minister of Health and of Higher Education as well as study the inexpensive health and education programmes so successfully exported around developing countries. This was a highly successful and enjoyable visit and provided evidence of what could be achieved on low budgets particularly in primary care.


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