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  • December 7th-12th: CG worked in Abu Dies and Ramallah for 5 days.

  • November20th-25th: CG made another working visit to Kharkov.

  • September 8th-12th: CG flew to New York to take part in a conference organised by the Virtue Foundation and held in the main United Nations Conference Centre. It was hoped to set up collaborative projects between the Virtue Foundation who run humanitarian missions in developing countries and with IMET2000.

  • September 7th-12th: IMET 2000 sponsored a working visit of two Ukrainian cardiac surgeons (Dr Vladimir Smirnov and Dr Igor Pushkova) to the Royal Brompton Hospital in London and this was so successful that new services in invasive cardiology, pacemaking, coronary artery and valve surgery were subsequently started in Kharkov under the leadership of Professor Boyko.

  • July 26th-31st: CG attended the graduation ceremony in Palestine on the Abu Dies campus.

  • July 4th-10th: CG worked in Kharkov with the UNESCO Chair scientists.

  • June 15th-20th: CG worked in Palestine in the Al Quds Medical School and with Palestinian colleagues in Nablus and Ramallah.

  • June 13th-27th: Dr Natasha Scorobotova from the Kharkov Institute of Cryobiology was sponsored by IMET2000 to work in the cell culture laboratories in the Blond McIndoe Centre learning the latest techniques in a pathogen free environment.

  • May 27th-1st June: CG spent 4 days in Dubai in intensive lobbying for funds for the Al Quds Medical School (as FQMS Chair) and for CPD on behalf of IMET2000. This proved highly successful.

  • March 4th-10th: CG worked in Palestine in Ramallah, Abu Dies and Al Quds on CPD and curriculum development.

  • January14th-21st: CG visited Kharkov to work with UNESCO Chair young scientists.


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