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  • December 2nd: Together with Dr Malik Zaben, CG met with Professor Ronald Harden (a Patron of IMET2000) in London to explore further the AMEE Conference attendance by a team of Palestinians and their programme.

  • November 23rd-December1st: CG worked in Palestine and spoke as invited guest at the annual Palestine Surgical Society Conference outlining the IMET2000 programme for surgical training particularly the laparoscopic training in Germany sponsored earlier for 6 Palestinians.

  • September 1st: CG met in Oxford with a medical student from Gaza sponsored for his elective by IMET2000 Mohammed El Franji.

  • April 25th-30th: CG worked in Palestine together with Dr Malik Zaben and attended an important PR dinner in which the guests were introduced to the extensive programme of work IMET2000 was already engaged in and what their ambitions were for the future.

  • April 1st: Dr Jill Donnelly together with 2 other experts from the UK (sponsored by IMET2000) ran a very well attended workshop in Ramallah on ‘Management of Breast Cancer’ and dealt with screening, surgery, histopathology and therapy in detail.

  • March 27th-April 3rd: CG worked in Palestine alongside a team of 12 Oxford teaching Faculty and three final year students from the Medical School (organised by Dr Nick Dudley and part sponsored by IMET2000). The team spent about 70% of their time with Al Quds Medical School clinical year students and the rest with postgraduate teaching in such specialist topics as breast cancer surgery (Nablus, Ramallah and Hebron).

  • February 16th: The IMET2000 AGM was held in the Royal Society of Medicine and the annual accounts signed off.

  • January 21st: The IMET2000 Annual Dinner was held in the Peers Dining Room hosted by Baroness Symons and Dr Nafiz was the main guest of honour. He delivered a short and most moving report on the work of the Burns Centre in Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza and contributed to an extremely successful evening.

  • January 20th: CG drove Dr Nafiz to Oxford to meet with students in the Oxford University Medical School and talked about the Israeli invasion of Gaza in 2008/9 (Cast Lead) and his experience of the injuries caused by white phosphorus burns.

  • January 19th: Dr Nafiz Abu Shaban flew in from Gaza via Cairo and was met by CG at Heathrow.


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