IMET2000 Trustee Reports From Armenia on COVID- ICU Training

  IMET2000 Trustee, Dr Rebecca Inglis, is working in war-torn Armenia for 5 weeks with the UK Emergency Medical Team helping support intensive care units (ICUs) on behalf of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). They are responding to requests for help from Armenian colleagues coping with CV19 and numerous war casualties. Rebecca Inglis has been working in Laos with a WHO team for the past year working up training curricula  in critical care and particularly in COVID-ICU upgrading. She is finding this experience in Laos really valuable to her work now in Armenia. IMET2000 hopes to learn from her any problems with oxygen supply and whether CPAP respirators are useful in a war situation, both of great interest to our UCL-IMET2000 partnership and plans for future development.


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