IMET  Sponsors and Herona Hospital Eye Team Runs First Albino Day in East Uganda

 Dr Mukalazi has just sent more news about our visual impairment service in Uganda. In his words, ‘ On Monday we were invited in Eastern Uganda, an area that is bordered by largest shores of Lake Victoria and in which sadly the highest number of people with albinism in our country. This was to commemorate the International Day for Albinism. Our Herona Hospital visual impairment team did free comprehensive eye examinations in over 200 patients. We observed that Albino patients have a number of visual related problems that effect both children and adults in their day- to-day life. These included macular hypoplasia, nystagmus, photophobia, refractive errors (short or long sight or astigmatism),strabismus (‘squints’) and visual pathway anomalies, particularly problems with depth perception. We gave out several free readers that we had in the clinic but they were not enough for so many on the day ,many needed sun glasses but we had nothing. They live a life of daily suffering. We realised that children with albinism may need some form of visual aid, depending on the type and extent of the visual condition. Glasses or contact lenses can correct for short or long sightedness or astigmatism. Older children may need a monocular for distance viewing and some may need large print or a magnifier for reading. All children would  benefit from sunglasses and hats to reduce glare and prevent sunburn. A number of them have un-diagnosed skin cancers. For cataract  surgery  our lists are full for the next 5 months. 
Please click on this link to watch a video about the Herona Hospital Eye Camp:
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