Specialist Training in Mental Health in Yemen with Action for Child Trauma International  (ACTI)

July 15, 2021

We are excited to be involved with a new project in war-torn Yemen sadly in desperate need of help in the Health Sector because of the ongoing civil war. In this project, our trusted friends and colleagues led by Stella Charman in the charity Action for Child Trauma International (ACTI) have pioneered in Yemen a training programme for all trying to provide a mental health service under enormous difficulties (political, military violence and gross poverty) badged as the Anxiety and Resilience Programme. We have worked for over two years with ACTI in the CATT programme in Gaza and are impressed with the skills of the UK team and the positive reports from the Palestinian psychologists. We have therefore decided to support financially this different programme in Yemen alongside the UK charity, the British Yemeni Association, in which courses will be run by Stella and our clinical lead Dr Ghalia Al Alsha based in Amman hoping to train 30 psychologists, counsellors, teachers and social workers in this technique so that they, in turn, become trainers. A full breakdown of the work of ACTI can be seen in the link below:

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