As feared, the COVID-19 coronavirus storm raging in neighbouring countries has gone wild in the West Bank in the last two weeks and the next dreaded surge could easily be in Gaza. We in IMET2000 have joined forces with key healthcare stakeholders in Palestine to help in fighting against COVID-19 including the Minister of Health, the Palestine Medical Council and Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP). We have so far raised funds for WHO standard PPE; training of many additional healthcare workers in basic life support and critical care using our mannequins and our dedicated staff; purchase and delivery of essential toiletries and sanitary products for CV19-infected patients; and, together with our MAP colleagues, purchase of 15 UCL-Ventura CPAP respirators for the West Bank and 4 for Gaza. We support not only CV19- dedicated hospitals and centres but also other outlying hospitals and small clinics who are in the frontline in rural areas and ill- equipped to cope safely with infected patients. Our medical and nursing team in Ramallah have trained hundreds of workers dealing with CV19 but now are working overtime to satisfy all demands.

Any donations on our website Donate or Facebook pages specifically for this urgent project will be ring-fenced. As we work pro bono the project is run entirely free of administrative overheads. It would be wonderful if even a small charity such as IMET2000 could help save lives in Palestine.

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