IMET2000 Summer Campaign for Healthcare and a Child Mental Health Centre in Jenin After Recent Israeli Assault on the Jenin Refugee Camp


Executive Summary
We are seeking funds to support medical students from the Arab-American University of Palestine
(AAUP) School of Medicine in Jenin and for our brand-new and much needed Child Mental Health
Centre outside Jenin City. This will be built on a similar model to our Centre in Gaza, now successful
for over 6 years, and will serve the whole Jenin region.  

The Case
You will not be surprised to hear that in the most recent attack on the Jenin Refugee Camp, the
children’s centre (Al Tafawk) was trashed for the second time in 2023. This was an educational and
play centre for some 120 children aged between 4 and 9 years old. This devastating assault has
indeed made life impossible in the Camp as it destroyed all parts of infrastructure and culture. Even
before the latest savage assault on the Camp, we were concentrating much of our effort on the Jenin
area as it is poorly served in many aspects of healthcare. We have decided therefore to support
scholarships for promising medical students in AAUP and build a brand-new centre in a relatively
safe spot in the Jenin area outside the Camp, indeed outside the City. 

 All our work in the Jenin region is organised by our CEO, Dr Malik Zaben, Dean of
the Arab-American University of Palestine (AAUP) School of Medicine as well as
running the Neurosurgery Service. Many of his students are bright but needy or
come from less privileged background including the Bedouin community. In the
Centre, children with Repetitive Traumatic Stress Disorder (RTSD) and a complete
range of mental health disorders including Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy,
depression and anxiety will be treated by fully qualified mental health professionals.
IMET2000 has many years of experience in this discipline and we have been heavily
involved in child mental health in the Middle East ever since 2004.

Request for Help
Any financial support you can award us however small will be greatly appreciated
and best donated on the JustGiving link  via

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