Appeal for IMET2000 Annual Gala Event on May 13, 2022 on Zoom

IMET2000 is holding its Annual Gala Event on zoom on May 13, 2022 with an excellent line- up of celebrities, comedians, music and serious reports from the front line in Palestine and the Ukraine.  This is our most important fundraising event in the year and is as usual devoted almost entirely to Palestine. However, ever since Russia invaded the Ukraine where IMET2000 has been working for nearly 40 years, we have decided to seek funding for one project out of five for medical aid to the Ukraine. The five projects for which we will be seeking funding to a total of £100,000 in the evening are:

  • Neurosurgery Training: IMET2000 is sponsoring the training of surgeons to international standards from both Gaza and the West Bank to specialise in Neurosurgery with a combined programme in busy units in China and in Egypt followed by short periods of training in the UK led by our CEO, Dr Malik Zaben. This programme is of great importance because the trauma to brain and spinal cord caused by the Israeli military is leading to large numbers of patients presenting for urgent treatment but faced with insufficient number of surgeons available to cope.
  • Child Mental Health in Palestine: IMET2000 is supporting children with mental health problems in both the West Bank and in Gaza. It sponsors mainly poor and needy children in three different Centres in the West Bank and is building up a much needed Child Mental Health Centre in Gaza run by four psychologists and two psychiatrists. This Centre has been financed over 4 years already but the existing clinic was bombed on May 14, 2021 so we have had to start all over again.
  • New Ambulance in Jenin Region: The Minister of Health has asked IMET2000 to raise funds for one brand new ambulance for Jenin and the surrounding area. At the moment there is only one for the whole region and we are keen to donate a vehicle capable of providing urgent transportation of patients and as a mobile clinic resource to serve distant villages. 
  • Clinical Research in Palestine: IMET2000 has been running seminars, webinars and on-line tutorials for clinical audit, basic clinical research and training the trainers for many years and these have proven so successful that our CEO Dr Malik Zaben has set up a Palestinian Research Club and attracted over 600 membership of Health Sector workers, mainly nurse and doctors at undergraduate and post graduate level. The current Palestinian Minister of Higher Education, Professor Abu Mowais, is urging us to build this programme up as a priority as he sees it as one powerful tool for improving patient care in the area.
  • Medical Aid to Ukraine: As many of us in IMET2000 have worked in the Ukraine for near 40 years starting at at the same time as in Palestine, we naturally have a great interest in IMET2000 helping our friends and colleagues with specialist medical aid to hospitals and salvage of our research facilities in Kharkov. As has been extensively reported, millions of women and children have become refugees or internally displaced. In addition, many are hiding underground to avoid constant bombing and shelling of residential areas in the big cities. Sadly, many of the women are heavily pregnant and give birth pre-term. The main Maternity Hospitals in several cities have asked us if we can provide portable incubators which are entirely independent of hospital power and oxygen supplies and can be carried very easily into underground shelters. IMET 2000 has been asked to provide 20. We are keen to go ahead with this project and provide them as soon as possible.

If you would like to support any of these projects at our event on May 13,2022, please go to our dedicated JustGiving  page

or contact Harriet Paul (07778782001) or Colin Green on (07395156107). If you decide to use the Just Giving route, under no circumstances take note of the tip % they ‘suggest’ but it helps us enormously if you can tick the box for gift aid.

Thank you.

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