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Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) Training for Physicians- Day Two

January 24, 2022

IMET2000-PAL in cooperation with American Arab University-Jenin organized the second-day Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) for physicians at IMET2000 Centre-Ramallah
It is designed for Physicians, who are working in the emergency and critical departments. Mr Muntasir Salahat the instructor from AAUP led the course.


Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) Training for Physicians

January 23, 2022

MET2000-PAL in cooperation with American Arab University-Jenin organized the Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) for physicians

It is designed for Physicians, who are working in the emergency and critical departments. The workshop was attended by 6 Physicians at IMET 2000 centre in Ramallah.
This workshop was led by Mr. Muntaser instructor from American Heart Association “AHA”- American Arab University- Jenin.

 IMET 2000 Pal in cooperation with OMEN and PMSA Al Quds Organized the SEVENTH and LAST session of the IMET 2000 Research Program

  How to read a scientific paper and avoid plagiarism by Zoom Webinar

January 23, 2022

Dr. Malik Zaben, Clin­ical Lecturer and Re­searcher in Neurosur­gery, Cardiff Univer­sity and Dr. Mohammad Al Amri, Senior Research Fellow, Cardiff University presented the SEVENTH lecture of the program ” How to read a scientific paper and avoid plagiarism”, The traini­ng enriched the know­ledge of the attende­es about why and where to read a scientific paper, the structure of a scientific paper. The main aim of the workshop to make sure that the participants know the steps of a scientific paper critique and top tips in critique. Also, how to avoid academic misconduct was discussed.
The program was attended by more than 130 participants from all specialties and academic years (Medical students, nurses, pharmacists, residents and consultants).

IMET2000 Sixth Webinar on Research Methodology: Attended by more than 150 participants

January 16, 2022

Our branch in Palestine (IMET2000-Pal) has organised a Webinar on research methodology under the umbrella of our recently launched Research Club. This webinar was attended by more than 150 healthcare professionals and students from Palestine and neighbouring countries. It was delivered by our CEO, Dr Malik Zaben. The participants were taken through top tips of academic writing before Dr Zaben pointed out the key steps in writing up a paper for publication. He then talked extensively on key steps to be taken before you choose the right journal for publication. The webinar was closed by taking a large number of questions from the participants. This webinar will be followed by hands-on sessions wherein participants will be closely supervised to develop their own research projects.  Next week Webinar will cover topics of how to effectively read a scientific paper and plagiarism.


IMET2000 grants Dr Belal T. Al Ghamri from Gaza in Plastic Surgery and Burns specialization program at Al-Mansoura University in Egypt for 2022

 January 10, 2022

This is what Dr Al Ghamri had to say:
“I am writing this letter to express my thanks and gratitude for the IMET2000 grant and support to complete my training program in plastic surgery and burns at Al Mansoura University.
This grant came to relieve me of the burden of training costs and focus more on training in this special speciality.
Thank you Dr Malik Zaben and all members of IMET2000 for this grant, and I hope to help all people through my specialization.”

IMET2000 Grants Scholarship to Medical Student from The Gaza Strip to Practice an Elective Placement in Vascular Surgery 

 January 9, 2022

IMET2000 has granted Mohammad Attalla, a 6th-year medical student from Al-Azhar University in Gaza, a  scholarship to have a vascular surgery elective placement in Birmingham in the UK.  This is what he had to say about his experience: 

“Dear IMET2000,

I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to IMET2000 for their support. 

I was granted a generous scholarship to have a Vascular Surgery Elective Placement at University Hospital Birmingham ( Heartland ) in Dec 2021 – Jan 2022. 

This placement helps me to have new knowledge and skills and improve my thinking for the speciality in the future. 

My words can not describe my feelings for IMET2000. Once again, I am extremely honoured and grateful for your support. 


Mohammed Attalla”

IMET2000 Celebrates the Graduation of our Second MSc Student in Community Mental Health

January 5, 2022

We are very pleased to share with you the good news that Ms Sawsan Shqair has completed her MSc studies in community mental health nursing (fully sponsored by IMET2000) with a GPA of 4 (Degree of Excellence). This is what Mrs Sawsan had to say:

Dear IMET2000-Pal Team,

I’m Sawsan Shqair one of those granted by IMET2000 to study master’s degree in Community Mental Health Nursing at An-Najah National University in Palestine in 2019.

I’m writing this thankful letter to express my appreciation for helping me to achieve my dream of becoming a mental health practitioner. By sponsoring me with a full scholarship, you reduced my financial burden and therefore allowed me to focus on my studies rather than my financial conditions. this speciality is strongly needed in our country and this kind of scholarship is crucial for the advancement of society in Palestine.

I would like to thank all the founders and the supporters of IMET2000-Pal for their generosity.

IMET2000 Organises The 3rd ATLS Training Cours

January 3, 2022

We have organised our 3rd ATLS training course in Ramallah. This was delivered by our Palestinian ATLS instructors in collaboration with Jordan ATLS Chapter. The course was opened by our ATLS director Dr Jubran and Coordinator Mr Fadi Zaben. This particular course remarks a collaboration with the Department of Emergency Services at the Ministry of Health- Dr Qawasmeh visited the centre and thanked IMET2000 for their support.

16 Doctors were trained as per the ATLS curriculum. This course is well-recognised for training healthcare staff to coordinate and manage trauma cases effectively Dr Zaben (IMET2000 CEO) said “We aim to continue working with other Palestinian stakeholders to deliver more ATLS courses until we get as many surgeons as possible.

We are looking to expand this in 2022 to involve ATLS for nurses and medical students.”

IMET2000 Sponsors a Group of Doctors to Become ATLS Instructors

January 1, 2022

We have sponsored a group of doctors who have recently completed their ATLS training to further train in Jordan to become ATLS instructors. This training was organised in collaboration with ATLS Jordan Chapter in Amman. This group will join our ATLS training team of instructors in Palestine and are a significant expansion of our programme.

The Chairman of ATLS Jordan – Dr Odat – welcomed the trainees and thanked IMET2000 for its support. Our CEO, Dr Malik Zaben, expressed his appreciation for the endless support ATLS Jordan is providing to our programme in Palestine. We are looking for this collaboration to develop even further.

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